Down Payment Assistance For First-Time HomeBuyers

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Down payment assistance

  • Are You a First-Time HomeBuyer?
  • Do you have at least 3% of one’s own savings to contribute to the Down Payment or closing costs?
  • Check to see if you meet the income eligibility requirements to qualify for these programs

Check to see if you qualify

A down payment seems to be the biggest thing holding people back from purchasing a home. With the down payment out of the way, this seems like the biggest hurdle.

The next big thing would be the closing cost, this is the final cost to the buyer.  It takes care of bank fees, taxes, water bill, HOA Fees, Attorney fees, Title cost. ect… ect…

These fees vary, so always check with your attorney to see what they consist of

Down payment assistance is perfect for a first-time home buyer looking for ways to get funds needed to purchase a home. Grants are another way a first-time homebuyer can secure funds to purchase a home.

Closing Cost Assistance will help you secure all of the funds needed to close